And be renewed in the spirit (attitude) of your mind -Ephesians 4:23

Many years ago, I stumbled on a profound statement made by Joyce Meyer, a wonderful woman of God. She said, Where the mind goes, the man follows. I have meditated on this statement and found it to be an eternal truth. A person doesn’t just head in any direction of life. They don’t just suddenly wake up and start behaving in a certain way. No! A man’s action, walk and behavior, are all a function of his MIND.

Your Mind is Your Center of Influences

The predominant influence on a man’s mind is what dictates his action, walk and direction in life. The best way to know the dominant influence on a person’s is to observe the direction they go, or the action they take, when they have an opportunity. Let me give you some practical examples to drive home this point.

If you give someone money, that money is an opportunity to them at that point in time. Watch the first thing they will do with the money. Their immediate action will reveal how their mind has been programmed. In other words, the way they handle that money reveals their mindset long before they had access to it.

A lot of people will do anything to get a laptop. But the once they get a laptop, go back after some time to check what they do with it. Whatever you see is just a proof of how their minds have been programmed ever before they got the laptop. An average Nigerian youth doesn’t do anything meaningful with their phones or laptops. They only use these gadgets to run errands for their ‘slave master’ – their carnal mind –  because where the mind goes, the man must follow!

The Secret of a Transformed Life

If you want to live a better life, you must first of all train your mind to believe in your proposed new way of life. You must renew your mind to believe what God says about you. You must believe that you can live above a wayward lifestyle. You must train your mind to believe you can do whatever God says you can do.

If you can succeed in doing this, it’s just a matter of time before you are transformed to an entirely new person!